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Teach about Time & Place

Subjects: Literary Elements (Setting), ESL, History, & Inventions

Kids love cell phones, right? Well this lesson teaches them about the times when there weren’t cell phones, no computers even! It gives them a whole new way to look at books and stories. They will learn about when technology was invented and how that applies to the fiction stories they read. The research has been done for you, and your students will be shocked. There was life before cell phones. For more details, go here.  



A young adult picture book.

Meet the Camden Harbor Warriors!

Designed with high interest content (a love story!) for struggling readers, i.e. Students with Disabilities (SPED), ESL, and EFL. it’s also for kids ‘not interested’ in reading.

Student Trade Book

Fiction Book: The Crush, by Karsten Highberg & Robin Highberg. Illustrated by Sabrina Bracey.

Content: Narrative story, literary elements (plot, setting, conflict), high school, anime style artwork

A fun, engaging story for middle and high school struggling readers. It's about a guy who has a crush on a girl, and how he figures out if she likes him too. The story shows real struggles that kids go through on a daily basis. It also shows their thought processes as they make decisions. It's written in a chapter book style with anime pictures. The pictures have lots of detail to talk about setting and other things happening in the story. The story is G-rated.

The full length of the story from open to close is 44 pages. About 14 pages are illustrations. Other pages include: Introduce the Characters, Suggested Discussion Guide, Endnotes, and About the Authors and Artist.

The book looks best if printed on 8.5 x 11" paper, two-sided. It's made to be an 8 x 8" book, so you will see there is extra space at the top and bottom of the page. You can cut this off or leave it. It looks fine with the extra space above and below, don't worry! ; )

You will find lesson activities that go with THE CRUSH also here on my site. The activities are based on teaching Literary Elements of plot, setting, and character analysis. **Please note, the lesson activities are sold separately.*

I hope you and your students enjoy THE CRUSH.